Please Note: No new applications for rent supplements are being accepted at this time while the existing programs are being reviewed for consistency of benefits and to ensure households that need assistance most are prioritized. This is effective immediately.

Rent Supplement Information

The Rent Supplement Program is intended to assist households in need to obtain affordable and suitable rental housing accommodations by subsidizing rents in the private sector.
The Rent Supplement program is governed by the Rent Supplement Regulation and the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation.

The Rent Supplement program is administered by Lethbridge Housing Authority on behalf of the Government of Alberta and is delivered through the Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement Program and the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program.

To determine if you eligible, you must complete an application form. Please include all applicable documents. Once completed, you can either submit it by mail, by fax, or drop it off at our business office.

Priority is decided based on a points system in the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation. The higher points an applicant has, the higher their priority is. If your information changes at any time, please contact us and let us know – this may impact your point score.

Please be advised:
A household is made up of individuals who are applying for or occupying social housing accommodation, including:
  • the spouse of the applicant or occupant
  • the adult dependent partner of the applicant or occupant
  • an individual related by blood, adoption, marriage or adult dependent relationship
  • dependents of an applicant or occupant, including dependents where custody is shared or joint
  • a live-in aide; and
  • a member of a household who is temporarily absent for the following reasons: -military service-hospitalization-employment-school attendance-other special circumstances
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