Based on eligibility, the Alberta Government provides apartment accommodation for low-income senior citizens who cannot afford private sector accommodation through Management Bodies.

Senior citizens whose income falls below local limits and are functionally independent, with or without the help of existing community based services, are eligible.
Applicants are prioritized on the basis of need. Community residency requirements may also be in place.

Rent is based on 30 percent of a household’s adjusted income. The province owns the apartments, however, management and tenant selection have been delegated to Management Bodies (in this case, Lethbridge Housing).

Senior Citizens Self-Contained apartments are operated much like private rental projects. For example, they do not have staff on duty 24 hours a day. Tenants in these projects have access to staff or other representatives of the management body for emergency situations such as loss of heat or electricity, or emergency plumbing problems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Apartments range in size from 33.45 square meters (360 square feet) to 55.74 square meters (600 square feet).
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HalmrastManor Image
Halmrast Manor

Halmrast Manor is a unique 10-storey seniors apartment building with 142 suites, located at 535 8th Street South. It was completed in 1975, comprising an 80/20 mix of studio and one-bedroom suites. 4 suites are handicapped accessible.

Hardie Manor Image
Hardie Manor

Hardie Manor is 5-storey seniors apartment building with 101 suites located at 2275 32nd Street South. It was completed in 1979, comprising an even mix of studio and one-bedroom suites. 6 suites are handicapped accessible. A major renovation was started in 2005 and was completed in 2007.

Haig Tower Image
Haig Tower

Haig Tower is a 16-storey high-rise seniors apartment building with 136 suites located at 521 4th Street South. It was completed in 1983, comprising all one-bedroom suites. 6 suites are handicapped accessible.

Courtland Place Image
Other Accommodations

The Lethbridge Housing Authority manages other Senior Citizen Self-Contained Accommodation including Courtland Place (shown left), which was built in 1983, comprising 9 one-bedroom suites. The Lethbridge Housing Authority also manages a 10-suite Senior Citizen self-contained apartment facility in Magrath, Alberta.

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