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Hardie Manor

Hardie Manor is 5-storey seniors apartment building with 101 suites located at 2275 32nd Street South. It was completed in 1979, comprising an even mix of studio and one-bedroom suites. 6 suites are handicapped accessible. A major renovation was started in 2005 and was completed in 2007.

Common Areas in Hardie Manor
Hardie_Interior_Common_1_ Hardie_Interior_Common_2_
Hardie_Interior_Common_3_ Hardie_Interior_Common_4_
Hardie_Interior_Common_5_ Hardie_Interior_Common_6_
An Apartment at Hardie Manor
Hardie_Suite_520_5_ Hardie_Suite_520_2_
Hardie_Suite_520_4_ Hardie_Suite_520_3_
Sample Floor Plan
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