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Staff Contacts

Robin James – Chief Administrative Officer

The CAO manages the Lethbridge Housing Authority Programs & Operations. She works closely with the Board of Directors to determine future directions and actions and is responsible for all positions within the organization.
Karen S. – Director of Financial Services

The Financial Services Coordinator performs Accounting and Risk Management functions related to Financial and Insurance activities. The Financial Services Coordinator also assists the CAO with special tasks.
Darrin A. – Director of Asset Management

The Director of Asset Management is responsible for maintenance services and construction projects. Assists the CAO with special tasks. He also supervises the maintenance staff as assigned to the department.
Stephanie M. – Rent Supplement Manager

The Rent Supplement Coordinator reviews client applications, interacts with landlords, allocates subsidies, and reconciles financial commitments within the Rent Supplement Program.
Neil H. – Director of Property Management

The Property Management Director interviews and places clients into Community Housing and other related properties.
Kayla M. – Director of Community Alliances

The Director of Community Alliance manages applications and the wait list for City Housing First funding – Secure First, Diversion, and Housing First Rent Supplements. She also supervises the HOME Case Manager and Community Workers
Rafael M. – Haig Tower, Hardie Manor, Courtland Place, and Garden Villa

The Seniors Placement Administrator interviews and places clients in Seniors Self-Contained Housing such as the three high-rise towers managed by the Lethbridge Housing Authority and other related properties.
DeAnna E. – Castle Apartments & Halmrast Manor

The Castle Apartments Administrator interviews and places clients in the one-bedroom and bachelor apartments at the two Castle Apartments locations. She also interviews and places clients in Seniors Housing at Halmrast Manor.
Suzanne S.– Information Technology

The Information Technology specialist provides ongoing technical services to the Lethbridge Housing Authority, the high-rise towers, and our staff.

You can find additional information about the Lethbridge Housing Authority staff here