Private Landlord Rent Supplement Housing
What is the Rent
Supplement Program?
Supports partial rental assistance in private sector accommodation primarily for low-income single adults and others whose unique circumstances cannot be readily accommodated in housing managed by the Lethbridge Housing Authority

To determine if you qualify, you must complete the attached application form. Once completed, you can either submit it by mail, by fax, or drop it off at our business office. A letter acknowledging that you have been put on the waiting list will be mailed out.

Selection Process:
Priority is given to those in the greatest need, such as:
  1. People living in poor or overcrowded conditions;
  2. People paying a high percentage of their earnings as rent; and
  3. People unable to afford appropriate private-sector housing in their area.

Waiting Period:
Subsidy is dependent upon the availability of allocation numbers and the Landlord’s agreement to participate with the program.