Hoarding Outreach Managmeent & Education

Who are we?
The City of Lethbridge Hoarding, Outreach, Management, & Education (HOME) team is a collaborative partnership of supportive residents and diverse professional agencies who seek to raise awareness of hoarding, and to reserve safe housing by developing and implementing best practices and intervention strategies through consultation, education, and agency referrals.

What do we do?
HOME was established to support the management of hoarding behaviours in three key areas:
  1. Help provide individuals impacted by hoarding to develop goals for healthy and safe outcomes;
  2. Work collaboratively as a team to coordinate interventions and support strategies for people impacted by hoarding behaviour; and
  3. To be a resource for individuals and agencies dealing with hoarding behaviour.
Hoarding Disorder (HD) has substantial impacts on individuals, families, and communities. Individuals who live with HD are frequently socially isolated, detached from social connections, and are disconnected from support systems, including the healthcare system. These individuals and their families face a multitude of risks, including death from fire, being crushed within their own homes, poor air quality, vermin infestations, increased disease exposure, and homelessness.

The HOME Team works with any individual living in the area including Lethbridge, Coaldale, and Coalhurst.

HOME is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of members who have a vested interest in supporting people impacted by hoarding tendencies. Membership includes, but is not limited to:
  • City of Lethbridge
  • Regulatory Services
  • Community and Social Development
  • Lethbridge Police Services
  • Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services
  • Lethbridge Animal Services
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Environmental Public Health
  • Seniors Mental Health
  • Mental Health Supports and Services
  • Home Care
  • Volunteer Agencies
  • Seniors Support Services
  • Housing Supports

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I be referred?
Do I have a lot of clutter?
Do I have compulsive hoarding disorder?
How do I contact the HOME team for referral?